Custom Paper Sizes

If you have any paper sizes other than the defaults supplied, you can add the new size to this table and then apply the size within the Printer Profile.

You can charge for print jobs based on the size of paper used to print the job. For example, you could set a cost of $0.10 per page for Letter sized pages, and $0.15 for Legal sizes. For very large paper sizes used in plotting of large drawings, you may want to use square footage or square meter tracking instead.

To use paper size costing you need to ensure the paper sizes you use in your day to day business are included in the Paper Sizes list. You also need to set pricing with a User Profile, a Printer Profile or an Application to use "per paper size" as the print option and assign that profile to your printers.

During initial configuration, confirm each paper size and ensure the cost per page is correct for your business.

Create a New Paper Size

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select PrintersPaper Sizes.
  3. In the Paper Size screen, click Create.
  4. In the Description field, enter a description for the size that you can use to identify this size when you are creating a Printer Profile.
  5. Enter the B/W page cost and the Color page cost.
  6. In the Match to Sizes section, set the following values: 
    1. Unit Type: Select inches, millimeters or centimeters.

    2. From width / To width: Enter the range of the page width.
    3. From height / To height: Enter the range of the page height.
    4. Width: Enter an exact width in this field (rather than designating a range).
    5. Height: Enter an exact height in this field (rather than designating a range).
  7. Click Create. The new size appears at the bottom of the list in the Paper Sizes screen.

Delete a Paper Size

You can delete a paper size even it is used within a Printer Profile. The paper size a link for overriding the price and the default pricing will be used instead.

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select PrintersPaper Sizes.
  3. To remove a paper size from the list, click the Delete button to the right of the size. Confirm that you want to delete the size.