Create and Modify Printer Profiles

Printer-based tracking is possible using Printer Profiles. Printer profiles are used to assign common settings to multiple printers at the same time. These profiles are necessary only if you have different tracking or pricing options for different devices. After you create a profile, you can assign it to a device, or assign the profile to a Printer Group to ensure all devices in the group share the same settings.

A Printer Profile must be assigned to every printer in the system. The profile allows you to determine:

  • If printing to the device is allowed
  • If jobs sent to this printer are tracked and how they are tracked (i.e. via a popup)
  • If special pricing is required for printing on this device
  • If job options such as color printing, duplex, or n-up requirements should be enforced
  • If printing limits should be enforced
  • If specific Custom Fields should appear in the Workflow Client (if tracking via popup is enabled)
Alternatively, you can assign a Profile to user accounts, rather than to devices. See Create or Modify a User Profile for details.

By default there are two Printer Profiles in the system: 'Do Not Track' and 'Track'. Although you can edit these default profiles, you cannot delete them but you can add as many new profiles as you need. By default, all new printers are assigned the 'Track' profile; however, you can easily set any profile as the default that is assigned to a new printer. It's important to note that some new printers may be identified as a member of a user group that automatically assigns a specific profile to the printer based on its group membership. Refer to Organize Printers into Groups for details.

The following tasks may be required when configuring Printer Profiles:

View Members of a Printer Profile

There are two methods to identify printers that are tracked using a specific profile.

  • Select PrintersList. All printers in the system are listed. View the profile column to determine the Printer Profile that is applied per printer.
  • If you are using Printer Groups, select PrintersGroups. Click on the Group name to open the Edit screen. All group members are listed.
If a profile is assigned to one or more users, you cannot delete it.