User Based Print Tracking

User-based print tracking is possible with User Profiles.

Create and Modify User Profiles

A User Profile must be assigned to every user account. The profile allows you to determine:

  • If a user's print jobs are tracked
  • If pricing is required
  • If an allowance is set
  • If printing limits should be enforced
  • If particular client options are required
  • If there are job options set, such as if the user is only allowed to print B&W output, or if duplex printing must be enforced
  • If secure jobs should expire (when secure print is enabled)
User Profiles are just one type of Basic Rule within Workflow Refer to How Rules are Processed to learn more about rules.

There are two predefined User Profiles: 'Do Not Track' and 'Track'. Although you can edit the settings in the default profiles, you cannot delete them. You can, however add as many new profiles as you need.

By default, all new users are assigned the 'Track' profile; however, you can easily set any profile as the default that is assigned to a new user.

The following tasks may be required when working with User Profiles: