There are two main types of reports within Workflow:

  • Analysis Reports - Analysis Reports are based on supplied preset templates and you can build either a Simple report (requiring only a unique title and minimal requirements for the report such as a date range), or the more complex Composite report, which allows you to combine one or more Simple reports into a single report while also enabling the inclusion of a table of contents, addition of a title, details about preparation (prepared by and prepared for), and date range selection.
  • Job Reports - These reports allow you to analyze job output based on user/group, printer/group, job type, or based on custom fields that an Administrator has created. You can build a Summary report that provides job information totals based on a specific factor (i.e. a custom field, job type, model, etc.) and provides unit totals, or you can build the more customized Full report that includes all the information from a Summary report, plus the ability to apply specific filters and manage the columns that are included in the report.

The following tasks are related to reporting: