Create a Simple Analysis Report

Simple Analysis reports are based on preset templates and require only minimal input such as the date range, sort options, etc. before you build the report.

  1. Select Reporting from the ribbon.
  2. Click Analysis Reports.
  3. In the Analysis Reports screen, click Create Simple.
  4. In the Create Simple Report screen, enter a unique title for the report and then select the report template that will form the basis of your report.
  5. Depending on the template you selected, you may need to select from the following fields: 
    • Date range: Enter a name for the Report that will be easily identified in the list of reports.
    • Number of quarters: Enter a title for the report.
    • Sort by: Sort the reports contents based on one of the following criteria: Documents Secured, Documents Released, Documents Cancelled/Expired, or Documents Pending.
    • Direction: Sort the reports contents based on Ascending or Descending order.
    • Top / Bottom X: When a graph is included in the report, this selection determines the number of integers plotted on the graph axes.
  6. Click Build. Workflow processes the report, with two possible outcomes:
    1. If the report did not build correctly, you will receive an error message and you are redirected to the Incomplete screen. View the message to determine why the report did not build successfully. You can then click on the Report name on this screen to open the Edit Report screen and make changes immediately.  
    2. If the report was successfully built, you are directed to the Complete screen and you can view the report, download the report, etc. from this screen.

If the report does not build correctly, a possible reason may be too much data in the dataset, which will cause Workflow to timeout before completing the report build. Try narrowing down your report parameters and building again. If the report still fails to build, check the database connection for a possible network error.