Build a Composite Analysis Report

Composite reports combine two or more Simple reports into a single report that can contain an optional table of contents.

  1. Select Reporting from the ribbon.
  2. Click Analysis Reports.
  3. In the Analysis Reports screen, click Create Composite.
  4. In the Create Composite Report screen, enter a unique title for the report and then select a date option for the report contents. If you select 'Custom' you can enter a date range.
  5. Click Create to continue.
  6. In the Edit Composite Report screen, specify the following settings: 
    • Table of Contents: By default, a TOC is not included. Change the option to 'On' to include the TOC in the report.
    • Title Section: When 'On', titles are included in the report to assist with organization of the report content. The name of each Simple report that is included in the Composite report is displayed. When you set this option to 'On', two additional fields appear: Prepared By and Prepared For. These fields are optional.
    • Date Range: If you need to adjust the date range, choose a different option.
    • Paper Type: Choose the report layout. Options are Letter, Legal, A3 or A4.
  7. To choose the Simple reports that will be included in this report, click Add in the Sub Reports section.
  8. In the Add Sub Report screen, the Title field is pre-populated with the name of the Simple report, but you can enter your own value for the title if preferred. Choose a template.
  9. Click Create. The report is added to the Sub Reports list.
  10. Repeat steps 7, 8, and 9 to include as many Sub Reports as needed.
  11. If you want to run the report immediately, click Build. Otherwise, if you want to run the report more than once on a set schedule, you can set it up to repeat the run on prescribed settings. The report will scheduled based on the server's local timezone. See Schedule a Report below for instructions.