Workflow offers five license types:

  • Premium suite license – Enables all features and functionality of the client and server applications.
  • Embedded license - Enables tracking of walk-up copies, fax, and scan activity, and secure release from the MFP panel (with supported manufacturers).
  • Analysis license - Supports all data collection features. Does not include secure printing, tracking with popups, cost recovery features, and rules-based printing.
  • Printanista Hub license – Allows local device integration with Printanista Hub, but does not track jobs or allow most functionality.
  • Trial license - Workflow is enabled for 5 users for 15 days only. At the end of the 15 days, the software is considered 'unlicensed' and all functionality is disabled.
Important: After you install the software, you are required to provide a license key before you can access the Administration & Reporting tools. You can either enter an Analysis or Suite license key that you have already purchased, or you can request a trial license. If requesting a trial license, you must have an internet connection available to contact ECi Software Solutions, Inc. and receive the trial key.

Refer to the Print Management End User License Agreement before activating your license.

License Behavior

Suite, Analysis, Workflow, and Trial Licenses

These licenses are applied per-user rather than per device. You can secure an unlimited number of devices; however, only the maximum number of licensed users will be tracked and allowed to release from secure queues unless the license has been configured to track unlicensed users. A user requires a license if they want to secure a job, track printing from a job, or login to the website. An Administrator can set a user account to 'Inactive' at which point their license seat will be available for another user.

If licenses are exceeded, the user is denied login and jobs will not be tracked. A notification email will be sent to Administrators (if notifications are configured) once per day to indicate that a user is trying to activate but is denied due to the license restriction.

Embedded Licenses

The Embedded licenses are applied by device. One license is required for each MFP on which the embedded software will run.

In the event that there are insufficient licenses, tracking and secure release will become disabled. The MFP will continue to be functional, but no tracking or secure release will occur.


Activate a License

To view license status or to activate a license, do the following:

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select SettingsLicensing.
  3. The General and Status sections list details about the current license, including validity, expiry, allowed users, and the number of users licensed.
  4. To activate the software online, you require the activation key and the company name. Click Activate, enter the key and the correct Company name for which it was purchased and then click Activate again.
  5. If you cannot access the internet to activate the software, you must request a license file, plus the activation key. Click Activate via File. Provide the Host name and MAC address listed in this screen to ECi Software Solutions, Inc. or to the dealer/reseller of your choice. When you receive the files, enter the Activation key and enter the company name. Click Browse and navigate to the location of the provided license file, and then click Activate.