Server Print Tracking vs Client Print Tracking

Workflow provides job track and secure print functionality with or without the use of the Workflow Client Application. Choosing whether or not to deploy the Client Application will depend on your requirements and print management goals. Both methods have a variety of benefits. Below is a summary of the major differences.

Full client deployment

    Workflow has traditionally supported a full client deployment method of print tracking. With this method, the Workflow Client application is deployed to all desktops, and each job is tracked from the workstation.

    There are a number of benefits to choosing print tracking from the client:

    1. Additional print data collection. With client-side print tracking, Workflowis able to retrieve print job details which are only available from the workstation, and can not be tracked at the server level. Additional print data that the Printanista Workflow client will collect include:
      1. Job application type (MS Word, Outlook, Chrome, etc)
      2. Locally connected printers (non networked USB printers) and any print job output through those devices.
    2. Rules Messaging. The Printanista Workflow Client application provides the ability to configure pop-up messages for users, when using print rules. These pop up messages are used to notify users at the workstation about print rules policies, and help to encourage adherence to your organization's print policies.
    3. Custom Field Entry. When the use of custom fields is required at the workstation, for the user to provide billing or cost allocation information for print jobs, the client application provides the means to enter that information at the time of print.
    4. User job costs and print account allocation data. The client application can be configured to provide additional information to users at their workstation, including declining balances based on costs, or pages.


Server only deployment

When print tracking occurs at the server level, only the server software components are required, and no client software is deployed. The jobs are tracked from the print server, as opposed to from each client workstation.

Some benefits to a server only deployment include:

  1. Simple site assessments
  2. Straight-forward secure printing implementations
  3. Silent print tracking and data collection

Server and client deployment

A combination of server and client software is also supported, in the event that a server deployment requires any of the client functionality. An example of this might be where a server-only deployment has been used for the purpose of a 30-day environmental assessment, and then the assessment reveals an opportunity to provide a secure print solution, or a rules-based printing in a permanent, on-site, print management solution. In this case, the client software would help provide advanced feature to support secure printing and print rules messages at the workstation.


Client tracking vs server tracking checklist


Supported with

Server Print Tracking

Supported with

Client Print Tracking


Active Directory Support



Citrix Server Support

Centralized network deploymentaa

Centralized data collection

Centralized administrationaa
Local/LPT/Com/USB print trackingra
Scheduled importsaa
Color/mono tracking at the page levelaa
Track multiple page size with a jobaa
Specify which user to trackaa
Specify which application to trackra
Specify which users or printers to ignoreaa
Specify applications to ignorera
Data encryptionaa
Individual user tracking optionsaa
User security profilesaa
Document name trackingaa
Multiple authentication methodsaa
Print job level reportingaa
Print volume reportingaa
Scheduled report delivery (email)aa
Job editing and deletingaa
User and printer groupsaa
User and printer level pricingaa
Application level pricingra
Track cost by user-defined paper sizeaa
Track cost by square meter/linear feet/square inchaa
Override pricing with print rules a
Pricing by printer functionaa
Color and mono per paper size pricingaa
Cost modifiersaa
Customizable decimal place settingaa
Automatic user/printer/computer inventoryaa
Track duplex printingaa
Store detailed information about the print deviceaa
Silent print trackingaa
Active print job redirection a
Maximum pages per print job (by user, printer) a
Maximum pages per print job (by application) a
Soft or hard print volume limits a
Hard print volume limits a
Limits based on job cost, number of pages, number of copies a
Limits based on user or computer a
Limits based on application a
Limits based on any color or number of color pages a
Enforce multiple page documents to 1 sheet a
Enforce duplex printing a
Restrict output by document name a
Trigger emails by alert conditions a
Provide print messages at the workstation with rules informationra
Workstation popup for billing entryra
Declining account balances by cost or pagesaa
1-5 custom input fields for billing entryra
Linked custom fieldsra
Restrict custom field access by printer or userra
Permit users to override costsra
Batch jobsra
Snooze jobsra
Add validated codes on the flyra
Permit the use of non-validated codesra
User PIN codesra
Interface to accounting softwareaa