Prepare the Network and Database

Although the Workflow installation routine is very simple, you must perform some planning prior to install:

  • Determine the installation destination for each of the components. As a general guideline only, if you have 500 users of less, you can likely install all components on one computer (Simple install). Otherwise, you may need to install the Administration & Reporting Tools and Database on one computer, and install the PAI Client and Secure Services on another computer (Step by Step install).
  • Before you deploy Workflow on the network, ensure that you have Administrator privileges on all machines that must be installed and configured. In addition, you must have the 'sa' password or have an admin account on the authentication system you will use (LDAP, Windows Peer to Peer, Windows NT).
  • Workflow uses ports 80/443 when handling Client communication and securing jobs. If the installer detects that these ports are already in use, 6320/6321 are used instead. Alternatively, you can choose other available ports as needed. Ensure you confirm the existing port assignments on your network to prevent conflicts prior to installing Workflow.
  • If using an existing SQL Server database, you must have an Administrator login account to access the database.