Installing the Workflow Client for Mac® to a network of Mac computers

Once you have successfully installed the Workflow Client for Mac to one computer, and are confident that everything is working correctly, you may choose to install the Workflow Client for Macto all of the Mac computers on your network. If you have only a few Mac computers you can install the software on each computer individually.

For networks of more than a few Macs, you may choose to use a product like Apple Remote Desktop to remotely install Print Audit IUM Client for Mac to all of your computers.

Apple Remote Desktop is recommended for the deployment of theWorkflow Client for Mac to a network of computers running Mac OS X 10.11. You can remotely install, upgrade and uninstall theWorkflow Client for Mac using Apple Remote Desktop. However since the installer package is a standard Mac OS installer package, you can also roll out the Workflow Client for Mac using any other Mac network deployment tool that supports this standard.

Apple Remote Desktop is network management software created and sold by Apple. To obtain Apple Remote Desktop, contact your Apple reseller or order it directly from Apple.

This document assumes you are familiar with the basic operation of Apple Remote Desktop. For more information on Apple Remote Desktop, consult Apple’s web site at or read the Administrator’s Guide at