Installation Overview

Users installing Workflow must have Administrator rights, or you must use third-party tools that can install software in a locked down environment. Installing Workflow across a network requires knowledge of the network design, user rights and technologies available in your organization.

Important:  Various tools are supplied to aid in the deployment of Workflow software but these tools are intended to complement your organization's current desktop software rollout procedures. If you do not have an established way to deploy software in your organization, we strongly advise that you develop a software rollout plan for all desktop software before attempting to roll out Workflow Client software.

Workflow provides an installation wizard to guide you through the server, client, and optional component installs. There are several different types of deployment, and each method requires some planning prior to running the installation wizard.

Deployment Type Description
Simple Install All components will be installed on a single server. Refer to Workflow Components.
Step by Step Install (Custom) Choose specific components to distribute across multiple network servers.
Installing Client Software Install only the client software on the selected computer. The Client Services must already be installed on a network server before you can run this deployment type.
For instructions to install the client software silently across the network on multiple clients, refer to Client Silent Rollout.
Migrate from PA6 to Workflow Workflow may be installed over an existing Print Audit 6 installation and the data can be migrated using the Database Migration Tool. Please contact Technical Support to request the Migration Guidelines document and Migration Tool.


  • Before installing Workflow, verify the System Requirements for Workflow.
  • Install Workflow directly on the system hosting the printer(s) (i.e. the print server).
  • Confirm that all printers are configured correctly and are in working order before installing the software.
Note: Refer to the Release Notes for potentially important installation information not contained in this document.

Installation Workflow

Perform the step-by-step installation workflow as follows:

  1. Confirm System Requirements for Workflow
  2. Install Workflow server components using the Simple Install or Step by Step Install.
  3. Perform Initial Configuration.
    Important: If you require multiple print servers to load balance or distribute printing within your organization, refer to Create/Edit a Print Server. the online help for further information before proceeding.
  4. Roll out Client Software.
  5. Test client, printing, and remote access.