Installing Embedded for Sharp

Follow these steps to install Embedded for Sharp.

These steps are also covered in a video tutorial at the bottom of this page.

Installation Steps

Click 'Next' between each step below to advance through the installation wizard. At any time, you may click Exit to cancel the installation.

  1. Double click on the Embedded for Sharp setup fileto launch the installer. Accept the license agreement.

Sharp Install - welcome screen


  1. Accept or change the installation directory for Print Audit IUM Sharp Embedded.

Sharp Installation -Enter path

  1. Enter the server name or an HTTPS URL of an existing Client Services installation

Sharp installation - enter server name

Note:Full Services URL https://[servername]/Services. IP address or hostname are acceptable when using default port bindings (80/443). Connections to Printanista Workflow client services must use https.
  1. A confirmation screen will appear indicating that IIS will be installed and the ports for Embedded for Sharp

Sharp Install - confirm install parameters

  1. A splash screen will indicate the progress and components being installed. On completion of a successful installation, you will receive an Installation Complete dialog. Click Done.


Installation Video

For further help, review the following installation video: