Configuring the Sharp MFP for use with Embedded for Sharp

In order to configure the Sharp device for use with Embedded for Sharp, you will need the following ahead of configuration:

  1. The IP address <IP ADDRESS> or hostname of the computer running IUM.
  2. The port used for HTTP by Workflow.
Note:By default, Workflow uses port 80 and no port is necessary in configuring the necessary URLs. The Workflow installer will use port 6320 if another site is detected using port 80. Please contact your WorkflowAdministrar if the HTTP port differs from port 80 or port 6320.

Configuration Steps

  1. Log into the Sharp MFP with administrator credentials.
  2. Go to System Settings → Sharp OSA Settings.
  3. Click on “External Accounting Application Settings. If you do not see this option, your Sharp device may not have the requirements necessary to install an external accounting application. Please contact your Sharp dealer for additional details.
  4. Enable External Account Control and check “Set Authentication Server”.
  5. Enable Server 1.
  6. Add “Sharp Embedded” as the Application Name.
  7. Set “Address for Application UI” URL.
  8. The default URL for Sharp Embedded is: http://<IP ADDRESS>/sharp/Start
  9. For alternate installations, the URL is: http://<IP ADDRESS>:6320/sharp/Start
  10. Set “Address for Web Service” URL.
  11. The default URL for Sharp Embedded is: http://<IP ADDRESS>/sharp/SharpMfp.svc
  12. For non-default installations, the URL is: http://<IP ADDRESS>:6320/sharp/ SharpMfp.svc
  13. Ensure that the box next to Extended Platform is unchecked.
  14. Click Submit and then Reboot.