Embedded for Lexmark Application Installation

Once you have downloaded the Embedded for Lexmark .fls file to the redistribution folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Audit Infinite\redist), follow the instructions below to complete the installation.

Upload the installation package to Workflow

  1. After downloading the Embedded installation file (UMembedded.fls) open the Workflow application and, navigate to SettingsSystem
  1. In the Lexmark Embedded Package section, select Upload Package.
  1. Navigate to the folder where the Embedded for Lexmark .fls installation file was downloaded, and select the .fls file.
  1. Confirm that the installation package has been uploaded.

Prepare the application package

  1. In the Workflow Administration page, navigate to EmbeddedCopiers and select Create.
  2. In the Type dropdown, select Lexmark.
  3. Enter the name for the copier and the registration method. Auto-registration is the recommended setting.
  4. (Manual registration is primarily used for installation troubleshooting, or with models that do not support auto-registration. See the section regarding Manual Registration.)
  5. Enter the required Copier information. The installation password is blank by default.
  6. Click Create
  7. .

  8. Workflow will redirect to the newly created embedded device.