Installing the installation package on the server

The installation package for Embedded for Konica Minolta must first be installed on the server before it can be deployed.

Installation Steps

Click Next between each step below to advance through the installation wizard. At any time, you may click Exit to cancel the installation.

  1. Double click on the Embedded for Konica Minolta setup to launch the installer.

  1. Accept the license agreement.

  1. Select Next on the welcome screen

Screen capture - Select installation path

  1. Confirm the default installation folder or click the ... button to select a different location for the files.

screen capture - select Use IP Address

  1. Choose the connection setting option:
    1. Use Host Name – Only use this if DNS resolution is supported on the Konica Minolta device
    2. Use IP Address – This setting is recommended for environments with static IP address assignments or DHCP reserved IP addresses. Changing of an IP addresses will require re-registration.
  1. Enter the Client services URL.

screen capture - enter Client Services server name

Note:Full Services URL https://[servername]/Services. IP address or hostname are acceptable when using default port bindings (80/443). Connections to IUM client services must use https.
  1. Select the appropriate Geographic region.

  1. Confirm the installation configuration parameters and click Install.

screen capture - Confirm Installation settings

  1. When the installation is complete, click Done.

screen capture - install complete