Installing Client Software

There are several methods available to install the Workflow Client software: 

  • Install the Client on a Single Computer - As instructed below, you can run the Client installer on a single client computer. You must have already installed the Client Services on another computer and can connect to it via <computername>/Services. If you are installing the Client on the same machine as the Printanista Workflow services, you can choose the Simple method install which includes the client software in the install.
  • Silent Client Rollout - When you install the Workflow services, the installer automatically places a ''Redist' folder in the installation path. The msi file in this folder can be used via GPO or another existing install solution to silently distribute the file to multiple client computers.
Important: If the installer detects Client software already installed on the computer, the installer behaves differently depending on the version detected. Refer to Install the Client over a previous version for details.