Install the Client over a previous version

If the Client is already installed on the target computers, the Client installer behaves differently depending on the version:

  • PA6 and Secure Client - If an install of PA6 or Secure is already installed on the computer, the Client installer will automatically remove the old versions and prompt the user for a reboot. Note that they may be prompted twice if both PA6 and Secure are installed. If the Client is installed silently, the computer will reboot automatically with no prompts. The SuppressReboots package.ini option will not stop the reboot in this case.
  • Older Version of Workflow Client or User Management - The installer will update the computer to the latest version. If it is run silently it will update the ServicesUrl if defined in the package.ini, other than this and SuppressReboots other properties are ignored.
  • Newer version of Workflow Client - When installed silently, there is no change. If not installed silently, the user will be informed that it is not possible downgrade to the older version. You must uninstall the old software first, and then run the installer again.
  • Same version of Workflow Client - If not silent, will display a Repair/Remove option. If silent, nothing will happen unless REINSTALL=ALL and REINSTALLMODE=vomus are defined on the command-line, if so a Repair will take place.
Note: The Client Status/Deployment tool includes an option for “Run Repair if same version installed”. It creates a property in package.ini called SameVersionRepair. If detected, the Client Status/Deployment tool will automatically run a repair if the same version is detected; otherwise there is no impact.