Modify a User's Account

You may need to modify a user's PIN, or reset their balance. You may also need to update the User Role (to control the Administrative capabilities of the user) or the User Profile (to update the tracking parameters assigned to the user). There are several ways to modify accounts, and the method you choose depends on the number of users you need to modify at once: 

Modify a handful of accounts

Select multiple accounts to change common parameters such as the User Profile, User Role, or the Account.

If you need to modify PINs or balances for a large group of users, ensure you implement User Groups so that you can easily modify PIN data on a broader scale.
  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select UsersList.
  3. Use the checkbox beside the user account to select it for editing. Select one or more accounts and then click Edit Selected. This button is located on the bottom left of the screen.
    You may need to use the Search function to locate a user.
  4. If you select multiple users only the common parameters are displayed in the Update Multiple Users screen:

    • Set track profile: Apply a new User Profile to the selected accounts.
    • Set role: Apply a new User Roles to the selected accounts.
    • Set account: Use this field to enter an internal account number.

Modify a single user account

If you selected a single user to edit, you can modify all of the individual settings that apply to this user only.


  • Network Name: The user's network name, derived from the network information when the user printed for the first time, or if an Admin manually entered the name when creating a user account.
  • Is Active: If the user is active in the network, enable 'Yes'. All activity from active users will be tracked.
  • Display name: The user's full name.
  • Primary email: The primary email address for this user.
  • PIN: Click 'Generate' to generate a PIN of a certain length. Click Set Password to enter a password for this account. The user will have to enter the PIN code/password combination to authenticate when releasing print jobs.
  • Swipe/Prox Card data: Enter the unique swipe card number for this user.
  • Account: Use this field to enter an internal account number.
  • Last printed on: Reports the last date and time the user submitted a print job. The field is blank if the user has never printed.


  • User profile: Assigns the user as member of the selected User Profile.
  • Role: Assigns the user to a specific User Role within Workflow. This role determines the user's capabilities within the Workflow tools.


  • Type: If the user is assigned a printing allowance within the User Profile, the allowance type is shown (i.e. Total pages, Cost, etc.) and the specific allowance is also displayed (i.e. page allowance, cost allowance, etc.).
  • Allowance: Whenever the user prints a job, the value of the job is automatically deducted from the allowance until the value is 0. If the user reaches 0, they can no longer print. You can manually override the allowance if necessary.