Delete User Accounts

Deleting a user account removes all of the user's data from Printanista Workflow. Once you delete the account, it cannot be restored. It's important to understand that if a deleted user prints to a controlled printer after the account is deleted, a new account will be created for the user.

Users with existing job data cannot be deleted. Instead, deactivate the account until the job data is cleared.
  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select UsersImport/Export.
  3. Enable the checkbox beside the users you want to delete, and then click 'Delete Selected'.
  4. In the Delete/Deactivate screen, select one option:
    • Set users with existing jobs to inactive?: If Workflow detects existing print jobs for the selected user(s), the account cannot be deleted. Instead, when set to 'Yes', the option will render the user account inactive and will not allow the user to submit future print jobs.
    • Set selected users to inactive?: Rather than permanently delete the user account data from the system, set the accounts to Inactive to prevent future printing. You can change the account to Active again at any time.
    • Permanently delete user with no existing jobs?: If Workflow does not detect existing jobs for the selected user(s), the user account will be permanently deleted. When this option is set to 'Yes', 'Set selected user to inactive' is automatically changed to 'No'.
  5. Click Delete/Deactivate Users or click Cancel.