Deactivate a User Account

While a user account is set to 'inactive' status, the user is unable to send print jobs to monitored MFP's. If the Workflow Client is installed, the user will receive a notification from the Workflow Client if they try to print while their account is in this status. Use this option only if you want to temporarily deny the user access to print.

If you no longer need to maintain the user's account data and the user does not have any print jobs in the queue, consider deleting the user account instead.

Before you can set the account to Inactive status, you must enter the user's email address to ensure the user is notified of the change in status.

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select UsersList.
  3. Use the Search feature to locate the user who you want to deactivate.
  4. Click on the User's Network Name in the User List to open the Edit screen.
  5. Under the 'General' section, change the Is active option to 'No'. If the status change is successful, no error message is presented.