Manage User Accounts

Printanista Workflow offers many features to help you easily manage tasks related to user accounts that can be very time-consuming.

Each time a user prints, Printanista Workflow gathers the user data and compares it to the existing user database:

  • If a matching account is found, Printanista Workflow then applies rules to determine if the user can print to the selected device.
  • If a matching account is not found, the user data is added to the database automatically and any default settings are applied immediately.

Key terms to know when managing users are:

  • User Role – defines the tasks a user can perform and the options a user can see within Workflow. Each role defines a set of a policies that determine the user's ability to perform specific Administrative tasks.
  • User Profile – determines if print jobs are tracked, defines the pricing, allowances, limits, and job options and also determines the fields that appear in the Workflow Client.
  • User Group – applies a User Role and user Profile to all members of group, overriding any individual user settings. Take advantage of organization units or security groups from a directory source to establish groups based on existing network structure.
If you are setting up and configuring user accounts for the first time, see Printanista Workflow user processes.
Manage User Accounts   Create and Modify User Roles

Organize Users into Groups

User Based Print Tracking