Create a Compatibility or Load Balance Queue Group

Before you begin, you must ensure that all queues you are adding to the queue group have compatible print drivers. Some types of jobs (XPS jobs, for example) are driver agnostic and can be released anywhere regardless of Group membership. However Windows jobs in general are raw driver produced data and printing them to a non-compatible printer would generate garbled output.

You can either create the Queue Groups before you create your queues, or you can create the queues first, and then create the Groups and assign queue members at that time. For instructions to create queues, see Configure Secure Print Release and locate the 'Create a queue' section for complete details.

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select QueueQueue Groups.
  3. Click Create.
  4. In the Create Queue Group screen, set the Type to Compatibility or Load Balance and enter a unique name for the group. Optionally, enter a description that will help you identify the members of this group. Click Create again.
  5. Note that once you set the Type, you cannot edit it after the group is created.
  6. If you have already created queues on the local print server or on another Print Server, you can now click Change Members to add members. Otherwise, you can return to this screen after you have queues to add as members, or you can assign a queue to a particular group when you edit the queue.
  7. The list will update to show queues matching the Type you selected (either Load Balance or Compatibility). Click Add beside any listed queue that you want to add as a member. Users will be able to select any member of the group when releasing secure print jobs (in the case of Held jobs), and Workflow will determine best available printer if the member queues have been set to 'Load Balanced'. See What is a Print Queue? for more information about queue types.
  8. Click Done Changes to finish editing the group.

You can add the same printer to more than one Compatibility Group.