Configure Network Card Release

Workflow offers the ability to associate a network card reader with a queue, enabling one-swipe release to a printer/MFP even if the device does not support embedded software or have it's own card reader. Workflow compares the PIN code of a user to the card number and releases all compatible jobs for the configured queue.

Workflow supported both PIN code and a swipe/prox card data. When authenticating, Workflow will match to either PIN or Card Data. In the case of card swipe, Workflow uses the "Configure Card Authentication" logic from the Admin settings to parse data out of the raw data if necessary.
  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select SecureQueues.
  3. Click on the Display Name of the queue you want to configure with the Network Card Reader release.
  4. In the Editing Queue screen, locate the Network Card Reader Release section.
  5. Enter the IP address and Port of the network card reader.