Enter Active Directory Credentials

If you selected Active Directory as the Network type that the system will use for authentication (see Set General Authentication Options), you can optionally enter the credentials that will be used to connect to Active Directory in the event that there is a communication problem with the server running Active Directory. These credentials must be administrator credentials. These credentials will also be used for the cleanup tasks that are run to disable users that no longer exist in the domain. These users are marked as disabled (rather than deleted) to ensure job data is preserved.

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select SettingsNetwork and Authentication.
  3. Ensure the Network Type is set to 'Active Directory'.
  4. In the Active Directory section, click Edit beside the Domain username field and then enter the Domain username and password that will connect to Active Directory . Ensure these are Administrator credentials.

The section updates to display only the Domain username if authentication is successful. To view any task that is run for Active Directory cleanup, refer to View Task History.