Modify a Custom Field Value

You can easily modify a particular custom field value within the Custom Fields Search screen. All values in every Custom Field are listed on the screen, and you can use the search field if there are a significant number to sort through.

To edit a value, click the code corresponding to the value. The Edit value screen appears and you can make changes as needed.

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select Custom FieldsSearch.
  3. If you see the code in the list, you can simply click on the Code corresponding to the value you want to modify. If there are many values listed, you may want to search for the value instead. The search returns matches based on any matching characters in the value's Code. You can also choose the specific Custom Field from the list to filter the codes based on the selection.
  4. Important: When the Hide Inactive Values option is set to ON, only values that have been marked 'Active' appear in the custom values list
  5. To open the edit screen, click the name of the value in the Code column. In the Edit Value screen, make necessary changes and click Save.

The updated value is applied immediately to the Custom Field.