Administer the Workflow Client

Client settings determine the Workflow Client behavior on the end-user desktop.

  • Change General Client Settings – Select the authentication type, and various popup behavior.
  • Configure Automatic Updates – Configure a download location to automatically download and install new client software when available. All installed client software that matches the indicated version will be updated to the new version.
  • View Client Computers – Change the Authentication option and the Disconnected protocol, and you can disable automatic updates for one or more select clients.
  • Change the Client Logo – Upload your own logo to have it appear within the Client Popup.
  • Manage Client Batching – When implementing secure printing, enable batching to allow users to automatically re-use the identical Popup entries from a previous print job.
  • Select Disconnected Job Options – When the Workflow Client application cannot communicate with the Workflow server, the Disconnected Jobs options determine how print jobs are handled.
  • Configure Custom Fields and Values - Create custom fields and manage the corresponding field values that users must select before they can submit a print job to a queue.