Manage Client Batching

Batching applies only if 'Always show popup for secure jobs' is set to 'Yes' in Change General Client Settings. Batching allows the user to automatically re-use the identical Popup entries from a previous print job.

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select SettingsClient.
  3. In the Batching section, choose one of three Type options: 
    • None: The Workflow Client displays every time the user prints.
    • Automatic: The Client automatically uses the Popup window information for all jobs that are printed within the Batch timeout setting. Select Automatic, save the setting, and then enter the Batch timeout (seconds).
    • Manual: The Client automatically uses the Popup window information for a set number of jobs that are printed within the Batch timeout setting. Select Manual, and then save the setting.

  4. If you selected Manual batch, set the Max batch size. This size is the maximum number of print jobs the user can batch without seeing the Workflow Client.
  5. The Batch button appears on the popup, and the user can choose to start a batch by clicking the Batch button and entering the size they want. The maximum size the user should be able to enter is controlled by the Max Batch Size in the Client settings.
  6. If you selected Manual or Automatic batch, set the Batch Timeout in seconds. This value is the number of seconds that must not be exceeded between print jobs in the batch. The Client automatically cancels the batch if more than the set number of seconds expires before it detects the start of the second job in the batch. For example, if you set the timeout to 60 seconds and the Max batch size to 10, the Workflow Client will appear for the first print job to allow the user to enter information. The Workflow Client does not appear for the next 9 print jobs as long as 60 seconds is not exceeded between print jobs. The user can print up to the Max batch size amount, and the Workflow Client will not appear again until either the batch size is exceeded or the user does not print before the timeout expires.
  7. A batch may "break" under the following circumstances: a) The batch timeout is exceeded; b) The process that is printing changes. For example, if you print from Notepad, then from Wordpad, the batch will break. The logic is that pricing can change per process, and therefore Printanista Workflow breaks the batch or c) Custom fields run out of budget.