Configure Automatic Updates

If you deployed the Workflow Client across machines on your network, you can use the Automatic Updates feature to automatically download and update client installs when software is available.

  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select SettingsClient.
  3. In the Automatic Update section, set the following options:
    • Auto updates enabled– Set this option to 'Yes'.
    • Version – Click 'Detect' to download the paiclientinstall.msi file from the download location. Workflow will compare the available version to the version currently installed on the computers and will perform an update only if the version is older than the version on the server. The Client file version and the detected version displayed in this field must match; otherwise the client update will not succeed.
    • From / To – The client will update itself on computer reboot or between the hours set here. Set the time range during which the client software can be updated. Try to choose a time range when users will NOT be using the software (i.e. between midnight and 5 am for example or off hours that are appropriate for your business).
    • Download From – Indicates the location from which the client software will be downloaded. The default location is within the 'redist' subfolder of the Workflow install. To change the location, you must authenticate with your Administrator username and password. Click 'Change Download Location', and then click the 'Download from' option to set it to 'Custom'. Change the URL, and then enter your credentials. Click Save to complete the change.