Change the Client Logo

You use this option to change the logo that appears in the Workflow Client. Supported files types are png and bmp.

Important: The logo must be sized to 474 pixels wide by 88 pixels high. If the logo does not meet this requirements, the logo will be resized and may not retain the correct aspect ratio.
  1. Select Administration from the ribbon.
  2. Select SettingsClient.
  3. In the Logo section, click 'Change' to browse to the logo file. Choose the file you want, and then click 'Open'.
  4. If a warning message appears indicating that the logo is not the correct size, either complete the import anyway, or cancel and resize the logo to the correct dimensions before trying again.
  5. Confirm that the logo appears correctly on the screen and is not scaled inappropriately.
Note: You can restore the default ECi Software Solutions, Inc. logo at any time. Just click 'Default Logo' to restore the original file.